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Johen Kothari Software Engineer

A great aspect of this course is the student mentors. These people are always there to help, support, and motivate the student to complete modules...

Johen doe Vice President

This course actually helped me move from being a general manager to vice president. The content was exciting. I actually implemented what I learnt through case...

Anshu Srivastav Research Assistant

Group case studies really give a sense of teamwork, as it happens in regular classroom studies. It teaches us coordination and right attitude as a team...

Mical Doe Analyst

It doesn’t matter what your previous working background is, as everything is taught from the basics.

Paton don Data Analyst

They will prepare you how to face Data Science job interviews along with this upGrad will also provide mock interviews and mock MCQ tests to check...

Johen Doe Samsung

Many of the basic concepts are being taught to build good intuition of Machine Learning models. Most of the basic math required for developing an intuition...

Moriss Kothari Software Engineer

You will be notified of any interview opportunities in ML and they will share your profile with the recruiters. This really helps to kick start your...

Johens Kothari Software Engineer

The course justifies every penny charged and is an investment that reaps benefits once we enter the market after course completion.

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